Weber Q220 Gas Grill

Weber Q220 Gas Grill.

weber q220

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The Weber  Q220 Gas Grill has been designed to solve the problem of having an easily portable grill that is big enough to handle cooking food for plenty of people at your tailgate party, favorite camping ground or simply around the back yard.

Product Description

The Weber Q220 gas grill has electronic ignition for easy, reliable lighting, an infinitely adjustable burner valve with a high-quality regulator, 2 durable Tuck-Away work tables with built-in tool holders (tools sold separately) which conveniently fold and store inside the grill, sturdy glass-reinforced nylon grill frame, cast aluminum lid and body, removable catch pan, a tall lid profile with a built-in thermometer, a large weather-resistant lid handle, a porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate, and operates on a standard 14.1 or 16.4 ounce propane cylinders (sold separately). Includes Weber Q recipe booklet. The Weber Q220 also boasts a tubular stainless steel burner, 12,000 BTU, 280 square inch total cooking area and has a limited 5-year warranty.

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Weber Q220 Gas Grill Features

==> Weight 43 pounds.

==> Electronic ignition system.

==> Built in lid thermometer

==> Porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grate.

==> 2 Removable folding side worktables with tool holders.

==> Cast aluminum lid.

==> Infinitely adjustable burner.

==> Glass reinforced nylon frame

Weber Q220 Gas Grill Reviews.

As with all Weber made products there are an overwhelming majority of positive reviews and we found it really hard to find many criticisms of this product. What we did find was that most negative reviews pointed out a problem with the safety valve in the regulator making the grill hard to light.

Aside from that problem most people found this to be a great product with 45 out of 67 reviewers giving the product a 5 star rating, enough for us to highly recommend the Weber  Q220 Gas Grill.

“Cooking steaks seems to take ½ the time of even my stainless behemoth 42,000BTU BBQ. Best of all when it’s time to flip them, you still get that satisfying Sizzle that tells you the grill has enough reserve heat to sear the other side. (Nothing worse than a baked $10 steak IMHO) The design is that good! One last note: The shape of the grill funnels all drippings to the easily removable /disposable waste pan. This makes the possibility of a flash fire (and /or dumping old grease everywhere) much less likely.”

“I had looked at several portable style grills and based on other reviews I chose the Weber Q 220 Gas Grill. I am so happy with it. I had originally bought it for tailgating etc but now I find myself using it at home instead of my full size grill. The quality is excellent and set up was a snap. Creates professional looking grill marks and gets nice and hot to sear a steak or tuna and still have it nice and rare in the middle.”

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  1. I don’t think you can go wrong with a Weber Grill. I have had mine for ages and it still works and looks as good as new. I have been looking to upgrade my model for a newer one though.

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